2014 Crops

In 2014 the IRF Crops included Irrigated Corn, Irrigated Grain Sorghum, Irrigated Soy Beans, Dryland Corn and Dryland Grain Sorghum.  To see the Cooperators who completed trials in each crop, just click on the picture.  
Not all results are authorized for publication by the IRF, but you will see what is authorized for publication and contact information for the Cooperators to learn more from them about their trials when you click on the Cooperator name.  Results may be published anywhere between harvest  through March of the following year.


Sugar Beets:  29 ton and 14.7% sugar
Irrigated Corn:  234 bushels
Dryland Corn:  114 bushels
Soybeans:  63 bushels
Dryland Grain Sorghum:  134 bushels

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2014 Farm photoIrrigated Corn

 Irrigated Grain SorghumGrain Sorghum 2

Soy Beans August Irrigated Soybeans

Irrigated Sugar Beets Sugar Beets Crop

 Dryland Corn photo Dry Land Corn

Dry Land Grain SorghumDryland Grain Sorghum

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Archived Associated Data
2009 Wheat

 The IRF farms a total of 299 acres.  
Circle A runs a Reinke pivot system installed in 2006, and covers 28 acres.
Circle B runs a Reinke pivot system installed in 2013, and covers 28 acres.
Circle C runs a  Reinke pivot system with Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), installed in 2014, and covers 36 acres.
Circle D runs a Reinke pivot system.  This is a half circle which covers 9 acres.
Circle E runs a Reinke pivot system.  This is also a half circle which covers 6 acres.
Field F runs a Drip Irrigation System, and covers 3 acres.
The Lateral runs a Reinke system installed in 2007, and covers 33 acres.
Dryland is just what it says, and we farm 30 acres of dryland.
Newbanks Circle runs a Reinke pivot system, and it covers 126 acres.

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